The Law Firm has a diverse practice.

Its principal area of practice is dispute resolution (including litigation and arbitration) as well as consulting, covering a wide range of sectors.  

The Law Firm handles cases of Banking and Finance, Company and Corporate Law, Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Shipping, Contracts, State Related Business, Employment Law, Enforcement of Titles, Product Liability and Intellectual Property.


1. Company and Corporate Law 

The Law Firm, forms, incorporates and organizes Greek and foreign companies (including consortia of Companies) and establishes branches or offshore branches of foreign companies in Greece. It handles internal corporate matters and undertakes all relevant litigation, including shareholders disputes. The Law Firm also advises clients on issues involving criminal and tax law, cooperating with highly-regarded counsel, accountants and auditors. 


2. Commercial and Civil Litigation

The main practice area of the Law Firm is commercial and civil litigation. The Law Firm has extensive experience in litigation and is able to provide high quality services promptly and efficiently. The Law Firm has extensive experience in defending foreign legal entities before the Greek Courts. The Law Firm enjoys an established reputation as “Defence Attorneys”, by defending claims brought against foreign companies and banks by Greek entities, professionals and consumers (or “consumers”).

The Law Firm maintains a nationwide network of local correspondents that can ensure proper representation of the client before any Court in Greece. The Law Firm can advise clients on obtaining security in Greece for claims brought abroad and pursue the same before the competent Security Measures Courts.


3. Shipping and Yachting Law; Sale / Purchase; Pleasure Crafts

The Law Firm practices shipping and yachting law, including the establishment of shipping companies in Greece and abroad, registration of ships and mortgages, sale and purchase. It also provides advice on matters relating to the financing of shipping operations and the banking side of the business; on matters concerning the management of ships and the establishment in Greece of branches of foreign management (or related) companies under the general ordinary provisions or under laws granting beneficial tax status to the operation. 


4. Banking – Finance; Shipping and Aviation Finance 

The Law Firm advises a number of clients on banking and finance law cases and on regulatory matters and specific transactions. It also provides advice to foreign banks on matters of Greek law relating to lending and the respective securities (mortgages, guarantees, pledges, security assignments, etc.) and on financing of Greek and non-Greek commercial and shipping enterprises, forms of finance, international trade contracts, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, mutual funds, leasing and stock exchange matters.


5. Enforcement of Execution Titles

The Law Firm has a great deal of experience in the field of enforcement of judgments (Greek or foreign) and other execution titles (mortgages, etc.), foreclosures, etc. 


6. Arbitration 

The Law Firm is involved in local and international commercial arbitration involving a variety of sectors. 


7. Mergers and Acquisitions

The Law Firm provides services in relation to Greek acquisitions, mergers, leveraged buy-outs, representing both Greek and non-Greek clients. The Law Firm advises on investment and exchange control regulations (and obtains necessary authorizations) and on matters relating to the participation of foreign technical corporations in Greek public works.


8. Real Estate 

The Law Firm advises clients in transactions involving the purchase or lease (commercial or private) of real estate in Greece, including hotels, industrial plantations or parks, shopping centers, etc. and other commercial ventures as well as personal residences and negotiates such transactions and contracts. We also provide advice to clients on urban planning and construction law matters


9. Contracts 

The Law Firm advises clients in Greece and abroad on matters relating to the drafting of contracts and has drafted a substantial number of international contracts.

More specifically, we have drafted and concluded franchising and factoring contracts, exclusive representation contracts, distributorship agreements, software licensing contracts, insurance policies and reinsurance contract, assignments, numerous loan agreements, ISDA agreements etc. 


10. Intellectual Property

The Law Firm advises clients on the whole range of intellectual property issues including patents, trademarks, copyright, designs, database rights, domain names, confidential information and unfair competition, and advises on intellectual property issues in every context, from commercial exploitation to infringement disputes. Intellectual property is one of a company’s most valuable assets. Our clients acknowledge and treat it as such. We work with them to secure appropriate national and international IP protection and to defend it vigorously, where necessary.

Whilst our work spans many industry sectors, from financial to manufacturing and IT, we have maintained a strong focus in the pharmaceutical and veterinary medicine as well as in the smart cards and chip - in cards sectors. 


11. Employment Law 

The Law Firm advises corporate clients on Greek employment law issues, employer-employee relations and social insurance matters and undertakes relevant litigation. We have also acted in matters relating to disputes between seamen, ship-owners and their insurers.


12. Product Liability

The Law Firm advises and represents clients in cases involving claims under the Product Liability legislation in Greece. We also advise manufacturers from abroad wishing to market their products in Greece, regarding the Greek legal framework on Product Liability. 

As defence attorneys, we have successfully defended industries and banks in claims brought by consumers, users and third parties and have earned a reputation in the sector.


13. State Related Business

The Law Firm advises local and foreign clients regarding issues related to governmental functions, particularly, for the conclusion of contracts relating to government organizations and state-owned companies. 


14. Special matters of family law and litigation.



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